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This package is a perfect if you are living in your home  while you are trying to sell it. Samambaia will incorporate your existing furniture with some new pieces, accessories and/or artwork to create a cohesive look and achieve the ¨wow factor¨ needed for a fast and successful sale.  

After a walk-through, we will advise you on which pieces to store and which to incorporate into the final stage look.  After a few days we will send you a proposal with a list of recommended furniture, accessories and any small home improvement needed. Once approved, we will start the preparations and handle all of the rearranging of furniture and display of art and accessories, while you sit back and relax. 

The time to complete the preparations may vary from one home to as each has a different size and different needs.  Please contact us for pricing and more information on these services.

Antique Chair
Swinging Chair
Wooden Bed
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