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Living Room in Chamberi -  em empty room is feels a lot smaller than actually is.  It can be a deal breaker . Instead furnishing will give buyers and idea of use of space and proportion.
Full Staging in Flat in San Francisco -  Owners personal furniture was entirely removed to give room to a more neutral and modern decoration just before going on the market.  
Living Room in Las Tablas - Here is an example of Partial Staging, where the existing furniture stayed and we added some of our own pieces, accessories and art work to achieve the "wow look". 
Guest Bedroom 2 in Encinar -  This bedroom, like many rooms in this house, was advertised with hardly any furniture.  Owners had very few requests for visits and the property was on the market for several months.  A staged home attract more buyers and drive a quick and successful sale.
Living Room in Salamamca -  This is a classic example when lack of preparation and amateur photos can do the opposite effect and turn buyers away.  This was a wonderful living room and the owner had beautiful furniture too, but it needed a bit of decluttering and the right light.  Also note how the choice of a new angle highlighted better the features of this gorgeous room. .  
Dining Room in Salamanca - in this example the flat was in perfect condition and the owner had beautiful furniture, so our team just had to set the stage by rearranging a few things and adding some of our own accessories to bring more life to the room.  A professional photograph will ensure to capture the light and the best angle.  Check how the Before picture looked glum and cold.
Guest Bedroom in Encinar - Some rooms are more challenging than others.  In this case we faced many challenges: size, light and the need to keep some of the existing furniture . The soft and sophisticated fabrics, neutral colors and the natural materials combined, transformed this room into a cozy and inviting area. 
Terraza in Encinar -  An example of  partial staging , where many personal pieces were used to achieve a final stage look.  Rearranging furniture, removing of clutter and the implementation of the right accessories and plants , made it possible to showcase its real potential.
Bedroom in Turk Street - Same room , same colors.  Which one would attrack more buyers? 
Master Bedroom in Turk Street -  the importance of decluttering and neutralising before you put your unit on the market.  It makes all the difference and how successful and quick the sales process will be.
Master Bedroom in Guadalajara - the diffrence when you add the right accessories and fabrics.
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