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This package is ideal if you have vacated your home and need it to sell it /or rent it asap.   For most buyers walking through an wide-open space can be challenging as an empty room always look much smaller than it really is.  Staging will help them visualize the purpose of every room and area and give a proper sense of space. 

Full Staging means decorating every room and have it ready for showings. We will emphasize your property's strengths and minimizes its weak points, to appeal to as many buyers as possible. We will take care of decorating each and every room.

First we will do walk-through along with you and discuss your goals. We take important facts into consideration when doing the report, such as the buyer’s profile for this specific type of home and area.  We want your home to stand out and appeal to as many buyers as possible.  Within a few days, we will send you a proposal with a list of recommended furniture, accessories and any small home improvements needed. Once we have your approval, we can then start preparing your home while you seat back and relax.


The time to complete the preparations may vary from one home to as each has a different size and different needs.  Please contact us for pricing and more information on these services.

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